TUrbine is 38% more effective than baseline

“Awesome product. Loved it. Using Turbine has been a revelation for me in training.”

– Josh, Australia


It is worn by professionals including 2017, 2016, 2015 & 2013 Tour De France winner Chris Froome, pro triathletes​ Luke Bell and Annabel Luxford, and has also been seen on Olympians including Sir Steven Redgrave and Shannon Rowbury.

  • Provides you with an INSTANT feeling of increased airflow.
  • Makes breathing easier when the going gets tough.
  • Aids in improving sleep quality and recovery.
  • Supports some breathing difficulties related to obstructed nasal passages.
  • It’s drug free.
  • Acts as a bio-feedback tool so you remember to breathe efficiently.
  • Crafted from ultra soft medical grade polymers and fits comfortably, in the nose.
  • Reusable – up to ten uses per Turbine.
  • Patented dilation technology means you achieve a totally ​customisable, anatomical fit.
  • There are ​three different sizes available.
  • May alleviate congestion.

What does it feel like?

What you will feel is an INSTANT increase in air as soon as you inhale. No nose is the same, but a well-fitted Turbine should feel relatively unnoticeable.

There are three sizes available, and each size has a custom dilation system (allowing you to expand or contract the dilation according to your needs).

Turbine is also known as…

a nasal stent, breathing aid and even nose plug (although there is no “plugging” or “blocking”, per se).

It is designed to fit comfortably inside the nose and allows more airflow during sport, physical exertion, focused breathing (such as yoga and meditation) and for recovery.

What is the difference between turbine and Mute?

Rhinomed’s respiratory technologies, Turbine and Mute are both designed to make breathing easier whether during exercise or sleep, increasing airflow on average, up to 38%. However, as the needs of the athlete and the sleeper are very different, we have built some different features in to each product.

During sleep, the device needs to be light and flexible to ensure it sits inside the nose comfortably throughout the night. To achieve this we have used more flexible and softer materials to allow for different sleeping positions.

For sport, comfort and retention during repetitive movement is vital. Aside from choosing a different material combination, we have included additional retention features on the paddles and curved arms to comfortably hold it in place.

Additionally, Turbine includes a fine tuning feature allowing the wearer to easily adjust the dilation of each nostril while the device is in place, such as increasing the dilation when undertaking intense exercise during hill climbs.

*Cogentum research on 1,000 athletes who participated in more than eight hours of fitness activity and took their fitness and performance relatively seriously.