Froome’s Journey to Y3llow to Feature at Festival

What does three-times Tour de France winner, an animation agency and a medical device all have in common? Five awards and screening at the ‘17th Annual Bicycle Film Festival’ in New York, it seems. Having recently emerged from receiving the Honouree Award at The Webby Awards – dubbed by New York Times as ‘the highest … Read more

Watch Multi-Award Winning Turbine Video – Featuring Chris Froome

Y3llow was created by Jumbla, an Animation & Motion Graphics Studio, for Rhinomed featuring three-time Tour De France winner (2013, 2015 and 2016) Chris Froome. It combines live-action footage of the cyclist with motion graphics and includes a voiceover track recorded with the cyclist while racing in Melbourne. The visually spellbinding clip was made to extol … Read more

The Tour De France Explained in Animation

With the Tour de France around the corner, cycling fever is on the rise again. Soon, millions will be watching as teams battle their way through picturesque French countryside, up mountains and finally into Paris. But how did this spectacle originate? Check out this video animation by InfoBytesTV for an awesome summary of the greatest … Read more

Chris Froome Interview – Using Turbine Breathing

Q: Why do you use Turbine?Chris Froome: Where I’ve found the Turbine to be really useful is, especially for my warm ups and cool downs, after a hard stage. Just for me to really focus on my breathing, get the maximum amount of airflow possible, and really just to calm my nerves. Q: How does … Read more

Why Chris Froome Uses Turbine

“When you’re up around threshold, or really, sort of, intense effort. You want the maximum amount of air you can basically get. And if that’s through your mouth and your nose, that’s going to be the absolute best. If you’ve ever ridden with a cold, you’ll know what it’s like to try and do an … Read more

2015 Was a Year To Smile About

Annabel Luxford Training Ride

By Annabel Luxford. There is a moment in every race that comes to mind first when recollecting the day. Running down Palani Drive, with less than a kilometer to the finish line of the Ironman World Championships in Kona, is that moment for me. I was on my way to completing the most challenging race … Read more

2016 Tour de France Route Announced

2016 Tour de France Poster

The route for the 103rd edition of the Tour de France has been announced and Turbine athlete, and defending champion, Chris Froome is confident, saying “It suits me better than this year’s tour”. The forthcoming Tour will start up north in the Manche region of France and will eventually visit Spain, Andorra and Switzerland. The 21 stages … Read more

Turbine Nose Dilator Used In Human Powered Speed Record

Team Turbine is excited to see Aerovelo’s newest bike called Eta smash the world human-powered speed record – not just once, but three times in three days! It is now the fastest human powered vehicle on earth! We’re especially pumped because the Eta’s pilot during these rides was wearing the Turbine. Check out the video! Aerovelo’s … Read more

Sun, Sand, Surf… well training, eat, sleep

By Luke Bell.   With a quick stop off in Melbourne (quick, as temps were 2 degrees C/35F ) to see the family, and for Lucy to spend some time at home with Matilda, I was off to the Gold Coast to finish off those long hard miles that everyone posts about leading into Kona. … Read more

Exercise and Shortness of Breath: Why is your nose important?

Everyone knows how uncomfortable it is to be out of breath. This feeling can be greatly exaggerated during exercise. It makes sense too- the harder you go, the more oxygen you need…the more you need to breathe in and out. And that’s the basic principle of the Turbine, making breathing a little bit easier whether … Read more