Chris Froome Interview – Using Turbine Breathing

Q: Why do you use Turbine?
Chris Froome: Where I’ve found the Turbine to be really useful is, especially for my warm ups and cool downs, after a hard stage. Just for me to really focus on my breathing, get the maximum amount of airflow possible, and really just to calm my nerves.

Q: How does Turbine help during your training regime?
Chris Froome: I find it especially helpful when I’m out training; doing big efforts. Just put it in and, again, just to really help focus on the rhythm of breathing and maximum airflow possible.

Q: Why is nose breathing important when you’re exercising at threshold, don’t you just breathe through your mouth?
Chris Froome: Especially when you’re up around threshold, or really, sort of, intense effort, you want the maximum amount of air you can basically get. And if that’s through your mouth and your nose, that’s going to be the absolute best. If you’ve ever ridden with a cold, you’ll know what it’s like to try and do an effort with your nose blocked. And, it’s a horrible feeling. You feel like you’re suffocating. So, especially when you’re going hard, you want that maximum airflow and you’re going to be breathing through your nose as well as your mouth.

Q: When do you find the Turbine most useful?
Chris Froome:
For me I see the biggest benefit from the Turbine in the time trial stages; and that whole build up to that. So the warm ups, and just getting in the absolute mode for time trials.