Turbine Nose Dilator Used In Human Powered Speed Record

Team Turbine is excited to see Aerovelo’s newest bike called Eta smash the world human-powered speed record – not just once, but three times in three days! It is now the fastest human powered vehicle on earth!

We’re especially pumped because the Eta’s pilot during these rides was wearing the Turbine. Check out the video!

Aerovelo’s website says ‘”Eta is all about the pursuit of ultimate efficiency. We have begun with a clean-sheet design, and working from the ground up we’ve evaluated the best design options for every component and subsystem. We will rely on the team’s broad experience to reduce risk, weighing the challenge of implementing each novel solution against our confidence in obtaining the potential speed gains. We know that with consistent incremental improvements in each subsystem, we can greatly improve on our past performance, breaking down preconceived limits of what is possible.”

Turbine allows for better breathing efficiency meaning less effort is required to get air in, allowing that saved energy to be used elsewhere. As we’ve said before ‘it’s all about the one percenters’ or in Eta’s case the fractions of a second!

Congratulations to Aerovelo for taking innovation to its limits and showing how the human engine can achieve so much through cutting edge design and powered on air and muscle!

The record breaking efforts look like this:
September 17th 2015 – a speed of 85.71mph/137.93kph.
September 18th 2015 – a speed of 86.50mph/139.21kph.
September 19th 2015 – a speed of 86.65mph/139.45kpm!