Ironman Melbourne 2015

By Luke Bell

Ironman Melbourne (held last weekend) was my hometown event and one of the “majors” on the global Ironman circuit. With a strong field assembled for this championship it was always going to be a fast swim, bike and run. The athletes didn’t disappoint: with new swim and bike course records being set.

I was out of the water in a tick over 45 minutes (for 3.8km) on the feet of Marko Albert from Estonia. With a quick change through T1 it was onto the 180km bike and straight away German Nils Frommhold (6th Ironman World Championships 2014) set the pace and before we knew it, he and I were riding away from the large chase group.

Ironman Melbourne Run

Knowing the importance of keeping relaxed, I took the time within the first 5km to insert the Turbine. Once fitted the Turbine dilates your nose. This I have found keeps my nasal passage open and free of obstruction, with no irritation. I find that using it during training and racing, it acts as a stimulant – ensuring that I take full advantage of every breath. Essentially the Turbine helps me utilise my lung capacity to it’s full potential.

The remainder of the ride I tried to keep as relaxed as possible, trying to match the intense power Frommhold was turning on! By the time we reached transition Nils clocked 4hrs 19minutes (bike course record- 42.2km/h) and I followed just over 1min later (4hr 20min). My time was also under the previous bike course record, and personally it set a new average wattage personal best for me over any Ironman I’ve done previously.

Once out onto the run, the wind, sun and intensity of the previous two legs started to take their toll. My mission had gone from winning to finishing. Taking a risk early can go one of two ways: sometimes it works; and sometimes it just hurts. In the end I got the job done. And it hurt!

Now for a little R&R before I get back into training and aim to hit the gas all “turbines” running.

Luke Bell