Exercise and Shortness of Breath: Why is your nose important?

Everyone knows how uncomfortable it is to be out of breath. This feeling can be greatly exaggerated during exercise. It makes sense too- the harder you go, the more oxygen you need…the more you need to breathe in and out. And that’s the basic principle of the Turbine, making breathing a little bit easier whether … Read more

BIG Race Recovery

By Mitchell Anderson It might be Forster. It might Maloolabah. It might be chasing your 2 year-old down the hall-way! OK, scrap the two year old thing. But pretty much all triathletes (babes, boys and girls), have now finished for the season. It doesn’t really matter what distance your finale race was, there’s gains to … Read more

Tips on Minimising Sports Induced Asthma

By Annabel Luxford Where you run Although air pollution levels in the Melbourne are relatively low, when possible, I avoid running or riding on busy roads. Similarly I try to miss areas where there are lots of grass or trees during spring. Like many asthmatics, pollution and pollen make my asthma worse, especially when I’m … Read more