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Watch Multi-Award Winning Turbine Video – Featuring Chris Froome

Y3llow was created by Jumbla, an Animation & Motion Graphics Studio, for Rhinomed featuring three-time Tour De France winner (2013, 2015 and 2016) Chris Froome. It combines live-action footage of the cyclist with motion graphics and includes a voiceover track recorded with the cyclist while racing in Melbourne. The visually spellbinding clip was made to extol … Read more

The Tour De France Explained in Animation

With the Tour de France around the corner, cycling fever is on the rise again. Soon, millions will be watching as teams battle their way through picturesque French countryside, up mountains and finally into Paris. But how did this spectacle originate? Check out this video animation by InfoBytesTV for an awesome summary of the greatest … Read more

2016 Tour de France Route Announced

2016 Tour de France Poster

The route for the 103rd edition of the Tour de France has been announced and Turbine athlete, and defending champion, Chris Froome is confident, saying “It suits me better than this year’s tour”. The forthcoming Tour will start up north in the Manche region of France and will eventually visit Spain, Andorra and Switzerland. The 21 stages … Read more

Turbine Nose Dilator Used In Human Powered Speed Record

Team Turbine is excited to see Aerovelo’s newest bike called Eta smash the world human-powered speed record – not just once, but three times in three days! It is now the fastest human powered vehicle on earth! We’re especially pumped because the Eta’s pilot during these rides was wearing the Turbine. Check out the video! Aerovelo’s … Read more

Tips On Cycling Uphill

    Higher cadence versus bigger gears – which reigns supreme when it comes to climbing mountains? Robbie McEwen breaks it down.

The Turbine Nasal Dilator Review and Reactions – Interbike Cycling Event

The Turbine Nasal Dilator Review – Interbike

Turbine captured some of the reactions of using Rhinomed’s Turbine nasal dilator  when they visited the recent Interbike event held in Las Vegas, United States.

The event is held every year to showcase the newest and greatest cycling products from across the globe and invites influential cycling industry delegates including the globe’s best bike stores, distributors, agents and journalists.


So what is the Turbine?

The Turbine has been seen on many athletes across the globe including cyclist Chris Froome,  US Olympic middle distance athlete Shannon Rowbury, Calvin Watson (Trek Factory Racing Team); Paul Van Der Ploeg (world champion eliminator mountain bike champion); and triathletes Emily Cocks (US), Luke Bell (Australia) and Annabel Luxford (Australia).

It has even made it’s way into the Motocross world, after spotting freestyle Motocross rider and winner of Monster Cup best trick Mark Monea using the Turbine for training.

Shannon Rowbury wearing The Turbine Septum Ring
Shannon Rowbury – US Track Runner caused a stir with her “septum” ring in the recent US nationals

What’s driving this focus on breathing?

As athletes around the world strive to improve by seeking innovation in training, recovery and performance, something as simple as improving your breathing is increasingly recognised as the next frontier.

“Races and events like the Stages of the Tour De France can cause huge hypoxic and metabolic stress on athlete’s bodies. Recovering from this effort starts the second an athlete finishes each Stage. With legs screaming full of lactic acid, breathing is a first line mechanism to re-equilibrate that acidic stress, even before they get to the cool down. As their physiology responds to rebuild damaged muscle cells, every breath counts to restore electrolytes and replenish energy stores before the next days stage,” said Dr Mitch Anderson, head of Sports Science at Rhinomed.

The Turbine is part of Melbourne based Rhinomed’s nasal technology platform and works by gently opening the nasal passages to deliver an average increase of 38% more air (compared to baseline).  Developed in response to a need to address shortness of breath or dysponea in athletes, the technology platform has been validated in a clinical study at the Royal Melbourne Ear and Eye Hospital.  Rhinomed is now carrying out a trial at Australia’s Murdoch University to investigate the ‘Influence of internal nasal stenting on a 20km time trial performance.’

So what does an increase by an average of 38% more air through the nose mean in practice?

“Our goal was to make breathing easier when the going gets tough.  The Turbine not only provides that extra breath when it is needed most and act as a recovery tool, it also works as a bio-feedback stimulus to encourage athletes to focus on optimal breathing patterning during performance,” Anderson said.

The innovative Turbine is made of ultra soft polymers, with a design that enables great grip and comfort. It has a specially patented ratchet system that allows athletes to dilate their nose and tune the device for optimal fit and performance.

Since the first iteration, Rhinomed has continued to innovate – building and improving on the design and materials by taking advice and feedback from leading athletes. This included specific feedback from Froome after he wore Turbine in the Vuelta a Espana.

Turbine isn’t the only Australian innovation finding its way into the Peloton.  Mute, another Rhinomed breathing technology which can reduce snoring and improve sleep quality by improving breathing at night is being used by SBS Tour de France commentator and former professional cyclist Robbie McEwen. McEwen announced on Twitter  “[I’ve] been using Mute anti-snoring device lately and [my] wife says it seems to have ‘muted’ me.”

Turbine also offer a “Promise” to deliver you more air, or your money is refunded.  Read more about the Turbine Promise.

The Turbine Nasal Dilator Review

How To Jump Cyclocross Barriers Like A Pro

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